User account problem with email

I just realized that the email with which I registered at Steinberg has been desactivated. Therefore I cannot update to version 4. Could someone from the team help me out?

Bumping! Someone from the team please help out.

Log into your My Steinberg account and change your email address.

I’d like to update my email address as well, but I cannot log into My Steinberg at all. It repeatedly refuses correct credentials.

I was able to log in earlier this morning, but couldn’t change my email address for the same reason (it repeatedly rejected the new email address as ‘invalid’).

Ok I’m starting to get annoyed.
The email I used to create my Steinberg account is no longer in use. I managed to log in with an old computer that still had the password registered (which I don’t remember) and I changed the email address. I asked for a new password, twice. Steinberg tells me it send an email to my new address, which never came in (and I checked all the possible spam folders). Right now, I cannot login in my account, Steinberg doesn’t recognize neither of my email, the old or the new. I tried to open a ticket with support, but I need to log in my account to do so… and the wheel spins around. I just bloody want to update.