User assignable key commands?

Since most users may need to use both Dorico and Cubase or another DAW, being able to customise key commands seems to be an important function. It wouldn’t make sense to have to learn two sets of key commands for Stop, Rewind, Repeat, Go To start and so on. Is this being planned for the initial release?

Yes, I hope so. Dorico loads its shortcuts from a file in JSON format, which is at worst not too difficult to edit in a text editor, but we intend to have a dialog to allow you to customise all of the shortcuts in the program on day one. It’s not there today, but we still have a little bit of time…

Thanks, that sounds good.

In case you want users from other apps :slight_smile: it may even be a good idea to deliver Dorico with multiple preprogrammed key command sets (the way some DAWs do) - one for each of the major other programs potential users already own (Cubase, Finale, Sibelius, Logic etc).

Just my opinion but I think trying to operate a new program which has such a different approach as if it were your old one would be a shame.

I agree in a way, because if one moves over to a new program, it’s usually because one isn’t happy with the program one currently is using. But many/most of us unfortunately need to use multiple programs, and even if they need to be operated differently, it would IMO be too bad if one cannot use the same key commands for operations that one also use in other apps.