User can’t signin to vst performer

Attempting to work remotely using vst connect.
Problem is my guitar player can’t sign in to Performer. He uses an iMac.

Steps taken:

  1. He downloaded/installed performer yesterday 12/10/20.
  2. I had him create a steinberg id on the web which he did. Also I saw him sign into web steinberg so I know it is a valid/active id.
  3. When he enters his email id/password for steinberg id in performer and tries to search for users the app error says he must sign first. So he is not logged in.

How can we correct this?

To troubleshoot I had him try signing in to performer with my steinberg id that I use in vst connect all the time and he got same error.

Also had him delete and re-install performer but no help there either.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

you say “tries to search for users”. He entered email and password - and then what exactly happens or doesn’t, and what’s the wording of the error message? Or did he try to forget to hit enter, or click the login (checkmark) button? Because if that message in the friends page “You must be logged in” appears, he hasn’t even tried to log in - if he did, and it would fail, he would have gotten another message before, namely “Unknown email or password…”

also try the ID login

It means the performer doesn’t need a mysteinberg account

The suggestion to enter a name in the id field is what fixes this since it was the users first time using steinberg and performer.

I read that in the manual but only after I entered this issue. Thanks fir the response which confirms the actions we took.

Appreciate your help!

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