User choose which prject activated when 2 or more are opened

Nice new activate logo for the project in cubase 9,but please dont activate automatically the other project when the user close the activated one. Let the user the option to choose which project to activate, if any at all.( maybe the user wants to load other project !!)( its possible to add warning when user clicks play and none of the projects are activated)


In the meantime, if I can remember to never “close” a project, can just go to the Windows, select the one to work on, then activate it.

Yep exactly, the problem is related to “user error” ,and cubase should forgive for souch errors :wink:
Most of the time i close the project before i activate the one that i want

So shouldn’t the request be for an option not to automatically activate projects?

basically yes ,in other words… it’s not in the headline though

+1 again

I am suprised that Steinberg has not yet added this option. The same basic concern has been voiced quite a few times.

Just a quick sample. I’m sure there are many more. :open_mouth:

Regards. :sunglasses: