User interface and Themes

Hello Guys,

Just wondering if there is any knowledge about updating Cubase UI and proper customised themes, the UI feels clunky and lacks proper theme customisation. Any info if this is going to be updated?


Open Preferences > User Interface section, please.

It is very limited in what you can do, certain parts can not be customised and you end up with template that doesn’t work. I have already made a post regarding the issue with customisation a while ago pointing out why the customisation doesn’t work. Cubase has very basic UI customisation features.

To show you an example here are a few screenshots of areas how do you customise them? I want the icons to have different highlights and colours possible to do this in Cubase?

No, it isn’t.

This is the editor with snap to scale enable. Which in your opinion is more visible and where the notes snap to?
Naturally I would think the notes will snap to the most visible part on the screen, but no it snaps in between literally confusing eyes. Can’t adjust, customise, or revert the snap.

Bring proper tempaltes Steinberg!

What does this actually mean? Users create Templates.

It sounds like you don’t understand what ‘snap to scale’ actually does…

True, but we are on a desperate search for “tempaltes” here! Proper ones.

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When the people call for custom UI templates, it means that the interface is bad. That’s why there are so many Serum templates. If the interface looks nice, nobody demands customization.

In most cases choosing a color with one button is enough customization.

Didn’t Sheila E and Tito Puente play the tempaltes??

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Not within Cubase, there are no proper templates in Cubase the customisation options are a joke.

It reads like you don’t understand what I am writing about…don’t worry.

It’s hard to understand what you are asking,

But that is where templates are created.

Maybe you are using the word ‘template’ in a way that’s different than what it means in Cubase.

Ok, if you think that partial customisation is a proper template feature - great, good for you! To me it is a joke and looks like someone started something and didn’t finish.

?? I really can’t make out what you’re really asking for. You can save a template from the File menu.

I think the op is asking for something more akin to a customisable ‘Skin’ than a template as we know them in Cubase tbh. So they can change every element of the interfaces colour/look etc.

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I’d love to see what a surrealist bunny would come up with!!!


You should then read my first 2 posts in this thread to get an understanding what this conversation is all about.