User interface blurred by highlighted dots?

Hello there!

I have just downloaded Cubase LE Elements 12 and the interface looks messed up (see picture). I tried to switch from the integrated graphics card to the Nvidia processor, activate then deactivate then reactivate the hiDPI scale, nothing to do. In addition to the visual discomfort, it is impossible to read a window correctly. I guess the problem is with my hardware and not the software? What did I miss?

PC or Mac? Which version?

One thought: Check if your display mode is set in 24-bit colours (or 32).

Argh, I’ve seen this resolved before, but I don’t remember where the thread is… Check nvidia’s control panel for image sharpening or similar settings and play with them (usually they need disabling)

My computer has Windows Home 10 (64).

It was my first thought, indeed! But unfortunately, it’s already disabled. ^^’

Argh! How to check that? I never had to do such thing. :confused:

Oh right! I did a dxdiag (I’m not awaken… :') ) and here are the configurations of my display:
1920 x 1080 / 32bits / 120Hz.

Thanks all for your answers! <3


I’m not aware of this issue so far. So to be sure, this is a screenshot taken with the Integrated Graphics driver?

Nvidia drivers can turn out unstable with Cubase, we recommend switching to the integrated graphics. This will not impede the performance significantly and should improve stability.


The same issue was posted on several topics, apparently it has to do with the Nvidia Sharpening option. Users who were experiencing the issue had it on, and turning it off fixed it :slightly_smiling_face:

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