User Interface size in Halion 6?

Is there a way to increase the size of the Halion 6 user interface?

On Winodws 11 with a 27inch (2560 x 1440 pixels) display the Halion UI is tiny and blurry. The Dorico UI on the other hand is perfect for me.

My Windows is set 125% scaling.

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I just grab the lower right corner to drag it to the size I want. I think you could do this in HALion 6 too, but not sure. If not try opening the VST menu in the upper right and see if there is an entry “Allow Resizing of GUI” or something like that. I’ve seen that on a few plugins recently in Cubase. Maybe that’s an option in Dorico too.

Dorico 4.3.31
HALion 7.0.20
Win 10 1909

Thanks for the answer, but my question is a bit different. I am asking about the size and bluriness of the individual ui elements like text and icons. I can resize the whole Halion window, but the elements stay tiny and blury.