User Logo/Graphic on CD Report

Hi PG,
I hope you are keeping well.

Is it something I’m doing wrong here?..
…No matter what resolution/size /format my business logo is in, it always looks horribly lo-res and pixelated on the CD reports.
Everything else on the report is pin-sharp (and regardless of output to pdf or paper.)

Is there any way this can be improved ? Maybe you can supply a specification for optimal graphic size etc. for Wavelab to import into the reports?
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Yes, This has been a long annoyance of mine. It might just be a Mac issue but it seems that the logo size gets bigger no matter what, which can make your logo look pixelated and bad.

I think I found a way to make it look at least acceptable though it’s not perfect or ideal. This forum doesn’t allow for PDF attachments but you can see them here:

Download the files for best quality.

I have many ideas on how to make the CD/vinyl report better but it seems to be an ignored area. For example, we don’t need a 12 song album to take up 3 pages on a PDF. Lots of wasted space.

The ONLY thing I think Wavebuner was better at was the CD report, you could fit an album on one page, see all the info nicely etc.

Actually, upon closer inspection which I haven’t done in awhile, the logo still looks kind of bad, at least on a retina display.

It’s kind of embarrassing since mastering is considered a high precision practice, to have to send out PDF files that look cheap and bad.

I reported this easily a year or two ago but no action was taken. Hopefully in WaveLab 10, a totally new CD/vinyl report concept can be made to look more modern and fit an entire normal album on one PDF page. It can be done.

If you need a solution now, generate a HTML report, and use a dedicated application to convert the HTML to PDF. You will get a better result.

Cool I’ll try that… Thanks Philippe :smiley: