User preference custom colour


Long time Cubase user, but first post in this forum. I just upgraded to 9.5 pro from version 5.

I’m sure I’ll have other questions as I get into it…but I can’t get past this seemingly simple thing. The colour scheme for the user interface.

All I want is to make it a bright, light colour like off white or very light grey. But it only limits me to dark muted colours that I can’t stand.

Any way to get around that? Help much appreciated!

The interface is currently being redesigned and modernized.

You can change the project area and editor backgrounds more freely, but the colors of the inspector, track list area, mixer, etc. were intentionally limited to help you pick colors that work well with the current interface. Off white and light grey for example would make several items pretty hard to see.

I think they may be planning to make the colors of almost every area of the interface customizable at some point. The color limitations should be no longer needed if that happens.

The current possible colors/brightness are very different from Cubase 5, but I think you’ll get used to them in a few days. If you’re having trouble seeing anything, try adjusting your monitor’s settings.

Thanks for the reply. I will try to get used to it, my monitors are already set at the brightest settings. I hope they make the colours totally customizable…why limit people? We can surely make our own choices.