User Presets [SOLVED]

Padshop Pro wants to save my user preset here

But when I do this to try to load it, it’s not found

What page number in the Manual describes where and how user presets get saved and thier actual location on a MACOSX system.


UPDATED 07/24/2012
See this link for a PATCH

Having the exact same problem on mac osx. I have a support call at 10:30 pst for this issues. I’ll let you know if they are able to figure it out.

Had the support call. They couldn’t figure it out. Said they would be sending the info on to Germany. Hope they fix this soon. Not being able to save presets is really limiting! Let me know if you ever figure it out.

Hey Mike,

I found out it’s a bug.
I buy patches from this web site and in thier Newsletter he pointed that out. I did PM Simon on as well.

So we have to wait for a fix or you can do what he’s doing.
This is what he’s doing

Granular Worlds will be released in 2 formats:
.aupreset for Mac-users who work with the AU-version of Padshop Pro and .vstpreset for users which work with the vst3-version of the Plug-In.

He’s saving the preset as a Logic “.aupreset”, not the default Padshop Pro “.vstpreset”.
So at least you can save presets.

Thanks for the update as well from your support call you were on.

Great. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully a patch will be coming soon. I tried going in and changing the user presets to .aupreset also .au.preset and still couldn’t get it to see them. At least we’re getting closer.

This is how you save the preset within Logic.

Thanks for the tutorial video. Unfortunately, I’m using Live. I have been able to do a little workaround. I have just been saving my presets from the padshop pro dialog box. I then have to go to the folder where they’re saved and change them manually to the .vstpreset extension. Then I can drag and drop them into padshop pro. Not pretty but I guess I can make due until the patch is out.

Thanks for the patch on this.
How do you mark as solved or can you.