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Some of us in the audio post production industry have to change the studio. Everyone of us has its own prefered workflow with its own settings.

Therefore, it would be a big advantage to have a “USB user profile dongle” or something similiar. It should be including the following things:

  • Own / preferred OS key command settings.
  • Own / preferred Nuendo key command settings.
  • Own / preferred OS settings regarding mouse control.
  • Own / preferred Nuendo settings.

It would be great if this “USB user profile dongle” could be plugged anywhere in any other studios that have the same OS, where you just need to plug it in the PC and then you can work anywhere in any recording studio with your own preferred settings. After you unplug it the system should “jump” back to its previous settings.

This would make our work much easier.

Of course, 10000 times agreed. But it was asked for such a long time than even Yoda doesn’t remember.

Well, assuming that all those settings are stored somewhere as user-accessible files it would be easy enough to just push that to the cloud and then it’d be available anywhere at any time. Or just manually copy to/from a USB key.

I also have to say that intuitively having a software override OS settings for mouse/keyboard control feels… “iffy”… at the very least…

What is the problem with the current Profile Manager?


You can export and import your Nuendo settings with the Profile Manager. Just export to an USB stick and then import into another computer.

Not a real problem, a dream, the licenser could have the profiles in its own memory.

I had a little issue last time I transferred my profile, everything was transferred apart the shortcuts.

Well no …
In that case you would have to carry your own eLicenser stick all of the time with you.
That would be really inconvenient, no?


No, if it we keep the ability to copy our profiles on an USB key. But when we (as I do) work on two computers at home and a third one in the studio, that will be very convenient. Imagine an option at start : “Would you want to use a profile from the e-licenser, or keep the last used ?”.

But again: Why not just use the cloud then?

In how many studios do you work…? :unamused:

Nobody can tell me that taking own prefs with you is a problem these days.

Cloud transfer e.g. is a good and save solution.

a dongle is a dongle, and not a hard disc.



Yes, indeed. That’s exactly the same I thought of today to put the user profiles in a “cloud”, so that I just need to enter a password in the other recording studio I have to do the job. The problem is that of course the most recording studios doesn’t accept USB sticks with the profiles on it because an IT admin always would have to check the USB sticks before you will be allowed to plug it in their system. Sending a file to the recording studio you have to do the job is also the same.

All the recording studios have got an Internet connection. So I think so too that the best solution would be an integrated user profile solution in the new Nuendo version where every audio engineer can log in to his / her “user profile account”. A GUI would be great with the names of the users, where you just need to click on the profiles to change the user after logging in the respective account.

I have never been in a recording studio where plugging in a USB stick wasn’t allowed. I’ve also never been in a audio post studio where it wasn’t allowed or where we didn’t have internet access.

Actually I wonder how they can even work efficiently and cost-effectively in the year 2020 with such measures. In my experience it’s enough to just block the ability to install new software and to tell the engineer to not mess around with software.

Obviously if you’re doing work for Disney/Marvel it’s a different matter.

Obviously if you’re doing work for Disney/Marvel it’s a different matter.

they could have their own cloud service for this…?

if you are not allowed to plug in your USB stick
then the elicenser would be forbidden as well :confused:

If you are not allowed to plug in a USB stick, then for sure they won’t allow you to download a file from the internet.


What you mean with “internet”? :mrgreen: