"User Profiles"

So this just occurred to me while pooping today: Our customizations are stored in files that are located in several locations as far as I recall. Every now and then we wish to either back that stuff up or migrate all or part of that to a different workstation.

So how about a sort of “user profile” which would include preferences, key commands, i/o and device setups, templates, and maybe more?

With such a profile-file it’d be easier to quickly dumb a setup to the cloud or wherever, and if the computer breaks down or whatever we can simply load that profile and it’ll “restore” all included settings-files.

Come to think of it it could even be a separate little app I guess.


I think that the whole “storing preferences_of_any_Kind” needs an overhaul, so everything is not scattered all over the place.


That would probably suffice… although I’d still not mind a “profile” way of dealing with it.

It would be extremely helpful to have prefs fully accessible and consolidated. As it is, for example, I have never been able to figure out just where the channel meter color prefs were stored-- they’ve never saved with my other prefs.

So… +1


Aloha L and +1

However it took me a while to stop laughing to read past:

So this just occurred to me while pooping today

I thought I was the only one who got ideas in that position. HA!
Glad to know I am not alone.

Tanx for sharing.

I would love to have the user profile/prefs linked to a cloud.
I work on many different systems and it would be so cool if I could just “log in” and have all my settings accessible.


+1 That would be a nice-to-have feature.

However, i’m currently trying to understand how cubase is handling preferences and with the help of kbase, it seems that pretty much everything is stored in the Cubase X folder (On Mac: “user/Library/Preferences/…”) globally. The few exceptions are stored within the project itself. Kbase article: https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/cubase-and-nuendo-program-preferences-files-in-detail.html?tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[keyword_search]=preferences

So as long as you understand which settings are project-specific, you should be fine with simply backing up the whole Cubase X folder and overwriting it with your own (Drum Maps have to be pointed to a new folder within the Cubase X folder, when you want so save them globally and be included in that same folder, it seems).

I just testet it and it seems to work flawless. Mediabay tagging is preserved as well…


It sounds like a really good idea to me - the ability to store everything in a profile would save a lot of time for me.


Very good idea ! I totally agree with the need of such a tool
Be able to back up, retrieve users prefs, macros and vst presets would be gold.
As it is now, it is extremly tedious to gather all the scatered bits in so many places as Fredo pointed out.

Instead of a separate app, it could be a good usage for the Steinberg Hub IMO.
We could log on to Nuendo as a specific user profile.
I’d be in Steinberg shoes, I would even add a few hard presets profile , like
Protools User Compatibility w/ Key commands, lighter graphic theme, multi mono files etc… ;
Nuendo default setup ;
Sadie, Pyramix etc profiles.

Then of course, since we will ask for a “import user profile tool” sooner or later, just include it from the get go.