User Script Examples For HALion 6

This was a topic that I came across of which no one answered the chap. so I’m asking for a Scripting topic for Halion 6 users where people post scripts that they have used and explain what the script is what it’s used for and how to use it and where to stick it and no smart comments keep it clean. The reason I’m asking for this is that before buying HALion 6 I was going to go down the Kontakt root as they seem to have a lot of videos on scripting etc and i must admit that I thought Steinberg would have had a similar thing going too. Does anyone want to get involved?

There’s the scripting tag waiting to be used.

A google search found this thread

And then there’s the HALion Script Home including how to get Code Examples.

Nico5 I apologize I feel a little embarrassed after clicking the Scripting tag and saw so many in there thanks for the links greatly received, can’t see for looking lol.

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