User Templates Missing???

My user templates eventually disappear after a few days. Seems to happen when I start a new project or restart my galaxy tab 3. I’m using osx mavericks. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Yes, Im in the same boat. I realized when I reboot my iPad (in my case), the user template shortcut are lost. Im doing a search about this but I cannot find anything os anybody is suffering this. Any solution?

Yes please anyone have a solution? It’s really annoying!

Same boat here. Very annoying :imp:

A solution now!!!

Anybody? Are we the only two with this problem? This is poo poo


sorry to hear you are having trouble with your user templates. This issue seems to happen in special circumstances, when the local IP number of the device has changed. Usually a router is assigning an IP number to each device by DHCP randomly. You can maybe check in your router system report list, if that is the case here or on your device itself.

You can then try to assign a permanent IP number to your device and see if that solving the problem.

Thank you! :wink:

Mmmmm, if i understand well, I can’t use my iPad in two different routers?

My intention with my cubase ic pro is using it wherever I go. Using it at home and in my studio in order to have my personal shortcuts available when I want.

humm I will try that. In Teo’s case I guess both locations have to be on the same subnet? I hope the next update fixes this problem. Thanks for the suggestion. Finally some progress here. Hi five Teo!

Dear Teocida,

you can still assign a static IP number to your iPad, that could be used on both routers, if they are set to assign from the same private IP range. A typical example for an IP address pool is -, that a router would use for all the devices in your LAN. Other manufactures set similar ranges by default. Changes are usually fairly simple to do, but it requires to log into the web browser menus and some adjustments might be necessary. If you are not familiar with such procedures, your router might end up being unreachable and in worst case a hard reset might become necessary. So please consider to ask somebody around, who could help you in person or visit your router manufactures website for a user forum to get some guidance.

Good luck!

Thank you very much. I’ll try it.

You are welcome! :wink: Any please let us know your result…

Thank you!