Users Yamaha Genos Recording to Cubase 12

I get frustrated as i have for a long time now i cannot seem to get the Yamaha Genos GAIN to 18Luf’s
If i set all to flat and compressor off and record a dry signal to Cubase 12 i get in the region of 33 Luf’s with the Genos gain/ volume knob nearly max .
It is only if i engage the Compressor to get more volume .
The trouble there is when using my Focusrite 6i6 i get a noise floor, but can be dealt with with Ozones RX Elements.
if anyone records with a Genos to Cubase 12, i would love some advice as how to get max gain quality so i am in the ballpark for mixing. Yamaha and Steinberg are together so this is a relevent honest question for a forum such as this.
Nobody so far has come up with a decent plan for recording Genos to Cubase 12 or nobody has explained it or wants to lol…
Do you get higher gain from spdf as opposed to Rca ?
Any help would be appreciated

All the Best