Using 2 eLicenser dongles

I have a Cubase Studio 4 usb elincenser dongle that I have updated as I have upgraded my Cubase. So at the moment this usb elicenser has Cubase Studio 4 and Cubase 7.5 registered on it. It works great.
When I upgraded to Cubase 6 the package came with another usb elicenser that I have never activated nor used.
I have now installed Cubase 7.5 on my new laptop besides my desktop computer. At the moment I have to keep moving the usb elicenser from one computer to the other to work.
How can I activate my second usb elicenser dongle with Cubase 7.5 so that I can have a usb dongle in each of my computers? Any help much appreciated.

Use the eLicenser software to transfer the Cubase 7.5 license from one dongle to the other one. Plug them both in to one of the computers, run the software and follow instructions.


If you only upgraded / updated your Cubase, you don´t have multiple licenses that could be used with multiple USB keys. Only if you bought sveral full versions, you do.

Thanks DG, I appreciate the quick response but that still only transfers licences between the 2 usb devices. What I want to be able to do is have my Cubase 7.5 license on both usb dongles so that I don’t have to keep changing usb dongles over. Essentially what I want is to be able to copy my license, not transfer it - so that one usb is kept in my PC and the other is kept in my laptop. I can’t seem to able to do that. My problem remains.

You can´t copy the license. If you want to independent dongles, you need to buy two independent licenses (i.e. software packages)

Oh, I thought that you wanted the C4 licence on one and the 7.5 licence on the other. No you can’t do that. If you want a licence on both dongles you have to buy another licence.


Thanks DG, that’s answered my question. Much appreciated :slight_smile: