Using 2 UR44's at the same time?

hi all,

some guy working in a music / gear store, once told me i could use two UR44’s at the same time. can someone confirm this is true? and what your experiences are?

i have an UR44, but its full. and as it has no ADAT (…)
after some months of googling and thinking about whats next, i came up with:

  • upgrade to a ur816c (and later on adat, if i need more)
  • buy a soundcraft 22 mtk

and one final option, would be a 2nd UR44.
if that works, its a cheap and high end option :slight_smile:

ps - user experiences of above named ur816c or soundcraft, very welcome. you happy? not?

No, it is not true.

Super clear answer :slight_smile:

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UR816c for sure, tou will have the same good sounding preamps as your 44 and as you say you can also expand via adat if you need more inputs (and outputs).