Using 6/8

I opened a new project in cubase 7.5. It automatically comes up as 4/4 time sig
I used fixed tempo to change to 6/8 and click changed to 6 quavers. But when i went to quantize the midi, the music editor grid was still set to 4/4 and i couldn’t make it change to 6 quavers in a bar on the grid…so could not quantize a piece that had quavers and semiquavers…
Where do i reset this?
Many thanks

You may also put the entire project into 6/8 time and not bother with a signature track (if it exists in your version).

Check to see if your version has a “Signature Track” (time signature). If yes, then may add the track and set the time signature.

Yes, i have set in sig track and tempo track…but i still can’t get the midi editor grid to divide into 2 dotted crotchets each subdivided into 3 quaver - how 6/8 is normally grouped if you were writing in in notation…? I have played with the beat divisions and got 2 dotted crotchets, but without the quavers subdividing it?
Can it actually be done?!

You could create a groove quantize preset, but that’s a pretty cludgy workaround.

This is one of the things that was improved in, I think it was Cubase 9, where you can configure the grid lines using the “Use Metronome Click Pattern Level for Grid Line Emphasis” feature.

Thanks Steve. Wow i’m amazed i can’t do this in 7.5 ( i know its outdated now! ) as i can’t find a way to successfully quantize quavers and semiquavers in 6/8 unless by hand each beat

So can i check (as this is the best place to find answers about cubase)…is there no way of changing the grid layout in midi editor to 6 quavers on a bar with 2 dotted crotchet main beats for 6/8? for cubase 7.5?
Any tips if not?
Thank you!