Using a 3d input device for editing & settings file

I have been doing video editing for years so now im applying some of the same tricks i did for that to audio editing of VO.

Keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys are your friends LEARN then if you can. Create ones yourself and save out your hotkey settings for backup.

I find getting a dedicated piece of equipment like a cheap editing controller really helps.

One that won’t break the bank is the

This you can find at most online resellers and local stores for about 75 bucks or so. Don’t pay more then 85…your getting ripped off. This will let you scrub the timeline and do edits and control your transport controls… while you edit and while you are recording! You can also use it to assign various hotkeys for things like changing tools and cut copy paste and turn snapping on and off etc.

One device I found that has been amazing as been the Space pilot Pro.
I also do 3d animation on the side and happen to already have a
3dconnexion space pilot pro device.

You can find these at various places for like 350 usd.

One of the nice advantages of this is when you make macros you can have them show up on the screen. less to remember what each button does.

This lets me setup all the hot keys I want while using the 6 axis mouse puck as a pan, scrub, zoom control for the timeline. It costs a bit but very efficient .

I settled on Steinberg’s Nuendo as my edit package of choice:

Here is my hotkey layout for Nuendo:
I have also uploaded a Nuendo key map file and a 3dconnexion config file you can import with instructions:

As you might notice most buttons have more then one function depending on if you simply tap them or you hold them down for a second. I found that editing with controllers like this really speeds up your workflow.
Let me know if you want a copy of my settings file for Nuendo.
CJ Adams


I bought a 3dconnexion space explorer hoping that I can use it as some sort of jog wheel for cubase 9.
Unfortunaly I don’t get the knack of configuring the knob to eg. zoom in zoom out, scrub etc. The only working function is up down which is basically the same as using the mouse wheel. Probably your config file will be of great help but the links are down. As I understand the controller needs to work as kinda joystick and it’s not clear to whether I need the beta of 3dx or whether this feature is already implemented in the newest version. Any help would be greatly apreciated.