Using a Behringer FCB1010 to control VST amprack parameters

Hi guys, i’m having the hardest time learning how to use my foot controller to control things like wahwah in VST amp rack

Is there a midi learn feature i’m missing somewhere? I thought i would be able to just click it, then move the expression pedal and assign it

I’m using cubase 7 by the way

Well… unfortunately there is no proper MIDI learn in Cubase itself. I know… I know… :slight_smile: This is a source of much angst among the faithful…

That said, you can set up a quick control to do it. There are drawbacks to this. One is that you have to have the track that has the plug in you want to manipulate SELECTED in order to manipulate your pedal to control the parameter. The other drawback is that you will be stuck with one of your quick controls ALWAYS assigned to your foot pedal. That whichever quick control you assign (1-8) will always be on your footpedal unless you change it. It can’t be the footpedal for one track and some other controller for another track.

Here’s how you set up a quick control to control the pre (or post)-amp wah-wah in the VST Amp Rack:

1.) Make sure your foot pedal is hooked up and sending MIDI to Cubase (you can tell if it is by looking at the MIDI IN Activity Meter in the transport panel when you move the foot pedal–it’s a Cyan colored meter next to the audio meters on the right side of the transport panel).
2.) Go to the Devices --> Device Setup Menu.
3.) Select the “Quick Controls” under the “Remote Devices” section.
3.) Let’s assign Quick Controller #1 to your foot pedal. Highlight the “Quick control 1” lane by clicking on it.
4.) Click on the “learn” check mark in the quick controls dialog.
5.) Move your foot pedal. The Quick Control 1 “address” setting will have likely changed (probably to “4” but it depends on what CC your foot pedal is). You’ve just assigned your foot pedal to quick controller #1.
4.) Click Ok to close the device set up menu.
5.) Select the track that the VST Amp Rack is inserted on.
6.) Go to the Quick controls inspector tab for that track.
7.) Click on the 1st space (this is quick controller #1)
8.) In the resulting list of parameters, got to the “Ins” section, then to whatever insert the VST Amp rack is on, then to “FX” and then to “Wah Wah” then to either the WahwahPrepedal OR the WahWahPostPedal (depending on which one you’ve set up).

Your foot pedal should now be set to control the wah-wah pedal in the VST Amp Rack. Remember though, you MUST have that track SELECTED in order for the quick control to control that wah-wah pedal. If another track is selected, you’ll be controlling quick control #1, but it may (or may not) be assigned to another parameter related to THAT track. Each track has its own quick control assignments.

You can, of course, record your pedal movements by enabling “write automation” on the track (or in the track’s quick controls area) and it will create an automation lane with your controller data all recorded. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Thank you SO much. worked perfectly :smiley: