Using a bluetooth headset?

Hello, I can’t make neither my Bose qc35ii nor my Sony wh-1000xm3 work with cubase

I just want to use them sometimes to freely move in my home studio and play keyboard


Are these headphones displayed as their own audio device in the OS?
PC or Mac?

I have the same issue.

My headphones show up as an audio device. Works for other laptop applications and the system itself (Mac).

Bluetooth utility would be great for non-mission critical editing in airports and other loud places, where I have frequently found myself trying to make use of flight delays by working on rough edits… end up just plugging the Bose directly into the computer.

If anybody has a fix for this, I’d find it seriously handy.


Isn’t the problem with Bluetooth headphones that they have at least a latency of 30-40ms, if not much much higher? That would make them completely unsuitable at least for playing anyway (maybe not editing).

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Can’t you select the device in Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System → ASIO driver?

Yes. But it doesn’t work. Can select, but no sound comes out.


Would be fine for editing in airports! :slight_smile:


I have a hunch this is a macOS/Cubase issue. I am a PC guy, so I don’t think I can help.

Still not resolved

I am trying it with FL Studio and it works fine, using the “FL Studio ASIO” driver, you can specifiy your output as defaut output (and if the Bt HEADSET is set defaut on windows, it works) or you can even specify the BT headset in the output

How to do that on Cubase ? I tried every configuration possible on ASIO4ALLL, still not working


ASIO4All is PC only, ergo… I’m on a Mac, but the OP is clearly on PC.


How about a screenshot from the ASIO4ALL panel? Advanced mode, please.

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