Using a dedicated mix way to transfer the files to it

This is more of an alternative idea for this. I’d like to use a dedicated ‘mix’ template for a project once all of the recording and editing is complete. If I was sending the files to another person, I would send the tracks to them making sure the every file start at zero (or wherever). He could then import the files into his DAW and mix away.
But what I want to do is just transfer the files into another project template that has all the channels loaded with effects, etc… This avoids recording files when I have some resource hungry plugins that would end up needing delay compensation when recording. Is there a faster way to export the files directly into the new project? The old way works fine, but maybe I’ve not kept up on some new technique. No hurry on this. Thanks for your time.


If I understand you correct, you can use the Import > Tracks from Project function. You would open your Mix template and then import to this Mix project the data of the Recording project. You would specify, which track data should go where in the Import Options dialog.


Martin, you understood exactly what I was looking for and it worked. I’ve had a key command for so long for importing files into a project that I forgot that there’s a complete dialogue box full of options. This is why it’s good to, once in a while, question your workflow to see if it can be improved. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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