Using a function in a Macro possible?

Is it possible to add a function to a Macro? I am using the Add Marker shortcut a lot but because I need to manually reassign the Marker Ids after that, it would be nice if I could put both commands in a single macro.

No not natively in Cubase. There is no mechanism to pass a number or character string into a command. However I am able to do this using Metagrid and I believe AutoHotKey can also do this.

Awhile back I totally changed how I managed Markers. Instead of creating new Markers ad hoc as needed, I created a Marker Track in my Templates that acts solely as a Marker Library. This Track is never set to be active or meant to be used like a normal Marker Track. But it does contain a bunch of predefined Markers with standardized Marker Numbers. Then when I want a new Marker I just drag one from the Marker Library to the active Marker Track. When not in use the Library Track gets hidden.

And side benefit, because the numbers stay the same (e.g. Marker 9 is always Chorus 3) it was easy to create Metagrid buttons that jump to each Marker.

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