Using a HW jog and shuffle wheel


I cannot seem to find much about jog and shuffle wheel functions in the Cubase manual, so I wanted to ask here:

I am considering getting an xkeys macro board to replace my keyboard for working with Cubase. Now, I saw that there is a model with which I can lose 12 keys and gain a shuffle and jog wheel. I’ve never really worked in an environment that has a jog and shuffle, so first off I’m not sure what kind of benefits this will give me on a workflow front. Do these really give a workflow improvement over mouse and keyboard?

Second off, I’m not sure exactly how I would go about setting up the jog/shuffle wheel in Cubase to work with the xkeys. I’ve seen videos on the Nuage, and how the jogwheel works with different modifiers for horizontal scrubbing, vertical scrubbing, horizontal zoom, vertical zoom, track zoom, etc. I’m trying to gauge if this is something achievable with a third party wheel natively, whether I can make it happen through some macro programming, or whether this isn’t possible at all.