Using a MacBook Pro or Laptop and switching ASIO Drivers?

I have asked this before but no luck . just wonder if anyone else is using a laptop and switching from a studio based ASIO Drive (mine is UAD) to a build in drive or even a mobile rig IO unit?

As I work with a MacBook Pro I am simply trying to be able to remove it from my studio environment which is a UAD interface and be able to work remotely, when I return to the studio I would like my audio set up to return to the studio layout.

I have a selection of vintage synthesisers, I’ve taken my time and created external instruments for each synthesiser, my problem is when I return and plug back into the UAD all of the inputs are lost for the various external instruments.

Someone mentioned saving the input settings as a preset this does not help as the external instruments are still not connected to the UAD and I need to manually select UAD and also manually select which input channel each synthesiser is on.

My problem is simply because I’m using a laptop as my main computer and removing it from my main set up, back in the day I would’ve had two computers one fixed to the studio and one portable but they’re so powerful now there’s almost no point having to. But you can imagine how complicated it is remembering all the ins and outs every time you reconnect your computer. I’m really crossing my fingers it’s something I’m doing wrong my end.

A lot of times my inputs and outputs don’t come back either. But they often do if I call up the preset (while the device is loaded - in your case, the Universal Audio Thunderbolt). But I don’t know if there are presets for external instruments. What’s that favorites button all about?

What I do as a workaround is literally write in the numbers of the inputs as part of the name… So, for an external instrument, it would be, say, “Xpander 13&14”. At least I’m not hunting for cables and connections now.

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ok thanks. its a shame as cubase is so powerful and this seems a simple fix :slight_smile: