Using a "midi modifier" preset on ALL selected tracks

Hello, I am looking on how to apply a midi modifier (personal user preset) on ALL selected track, instead of doing it one by one. Is this possible ? Thanks

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

If you are referring to Project Logical Editor Presets then yes they can be applied to all selected Tracks.

If you are referring to Logical Editor Presets they are applied based on Parts and not Tracks. So, all selected Parts -yes; all selected Tracks - no. Although you could build a Macro to select all the Parts on the selected Tracks and then apply the Preset.

If you mean something else please clarify.

There is an action I often do

I select a track, I go to MIDI modifier on the inspector, and I apply transposition by x semitones (I actually have 12 presets, one for each semi tone)

MIDI Modifiers are per track only, but perhaps one of these other functions will work in your case.

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Thanks, those functions allow the MIDI notes to be transposed AFTER they go to the editor ? I want for exemple to see a “C” on the key editor, play a “C” on my keyboard, while hearing a “D”. Just like the midi modifier allow you to do so, they modify playback whithout changing the notes in the key editor.


Thanks again !

I do not believe any of the suggestions I posted will let you do that.
Your MIDI keyboard does not have a transpose function? I feel that would be the easiest solution.

It does. But is there a function, from the ones you said, that would allow the transposition to be “reverted” so that the key editor still register the notes I am actually playing in my keyboard

For exemple, If I put my keyboard to +2 st. , I play, I hear the playback as +2 st, but when recording the notes in the key editor get recorded as played

Can’t I create a macro in the logical editor, that will apply a specific MIDI modifier to all selected tracks?

If you use the method to Transpose the MIDI Parts by changing it on the Info Line, that only effects the playback. If you open the Part in an Editor it will still show the un-transposed Notes.


Ok thanks. It doesn’t beat the midi modifier because the midi modifier also transpose the live playing in the keyboard :confused: but thanks to you I learned the transpose function in the info line and the transpose through a logical preset, which is workaround I guess

Pratical example : I want to play Dm on my keyboard, hear Fm instead, but still see Dm on the key editor. I have 2 options :

  • Either I toggle a +3 st MIDI modifier one by one for all tracks that I want to record

  • Or I transpose my hardware keyboard (the one that can be transposed) to +3 st. I play Dm and record myself but in reality cubase receive Fm. Now it’s 2 steps : Select ALL tracks → Apply logical preset -3 st. → Select ALL tracks again → Transpose +3 in the infoline. Now I see Dm but hear Fm

Is there a way to macro this ? Select ALL + transpose via logical editor → Select ALL+ transpose via info line

Thanks again

I’m not totally sure this will work (without giving it a try), but here’s another approach.

MIDI Tracks (but not Instrument Tracks) have 4 MIDI Sends on them. You could use the MIDI Modifier to do the Transpose and then Send that to up to 4 Instrument Tracks for playback. I’m assuming the MIDI Modifiers are applied to the Sends, but don’t know for sure.

You might explore using Virtual MIDI Cables like loopMIDI. You could set it up so you have one MIDI Source in Cubase that is the un-transposed MIDI from your keyboard and a second that is the same MIDI Data except transposed.

Also take a look at the Input Transformer (not sure if it is available in all the versions). Which allows you to change incoming MIDI Data.

Once you figure out how to config things to meet you needs, you might want to save some of those as Track Presets for later reuse or include them in your Templates.

I agree with you that “midi modifier” is superior for also transposing live input!
Here is the best solution I have so far, still not perfect, but maybe someone in here can take it further. :slight_smile:

  1. Insert the desired “Midi Modifier” as MIDI insert on one midi track, select the track in the mixer and click “Ctrl C” to copy the insert(s).

  1. Select all midi tracks (I use KeyCommand triggering PLE-script for this), and paste the MIDI insert into all of them by clicking “Ctrl V” in the mixer.

It works on midi tracks, but not instrument tracks as they show up with “Audio Inserts” in the mixer. As you can see on my PLE I also exclude certain tracks that I don’t want to transpose by tagging they’re name with “CC” or “Drum”. The copy/pasting also copies sends/volume/etc across MIDI tracks, but that’s fine with me as I keep my MIDI tracks simple and control volume on the instruments.