Using a MIDI track to trigger Mutes?

Hey all, I’m experimenting around with some different mix effects and was wondering if it is possible to take information from a midi track and have it trigger mutes on an audio track. For instance:

I just grabbed a snare track and created a bunch of rhythmic midi notes. Now I want those notes to trigger the mutes on a vocal track.

I know it’s possible (it has to be, right?), but I’m not finding a clear routing option right now. Thanks!


So you have two different notes? Mute On and Mute Off? If so, even if mutes are not mappable (I am new to Nuendo so cannot say for sure), but no other DAW provides the means to trigger mutes in such a manner, but then again, mute is just volume on/off. One note could therefore be remapped (remapping MIDI) to trigger volume zero and another note volume xxx. If the channel fader level is not easily accessible by remapping, then a trim plugin with MIDI learn should do the trick I would imagine.

I use the “midi gate” stock plugin all the time for gating purposes

  • insert “midi gate” on an audio track
  • route the output of your midi track to the midi gate
  • tweak the plug