Using a midi triger with Guitar Rig 5 in Cubase 7

I still have some reading and research to do but thought it might help if someone else has come across this as well.

From what I have been able to find it seems like you can use a midi controller (keyboard, footswitch, etc) with Guitar Rig 5 (Native instruments) to use as a pedal board.

What I’m wondering is if I were to use a Midi Keyboard as a controller in a recording scenario to toggle on and off distortion and/or other effects. Is there a way to save those triggers in Cubase?

I haven’t messed with it yet and am really not sure what approach to take. I’d obviously have to do it separate from my guitar track so I’m thinking a separate midi track after. But because GR5 is essentially an effect, I wasn’t sure if you can record a midi track and then link that track to the GR5 effect track.

The midi tracks I’ve done in the past were for an instrument (Halion, etc). So I guess to simplify my question, can I link a midi track to trigger an effect track.


Hi Joe,

Yes, you can set any MIDI parameter to control any plug-in parameter via the Generic Remote device, which you can add in Devices > Device Setup. In the upper part you can define the MIDI message, in the lower part you can define the action.

thanks! it sounds like what I am looking to do, (Hope its as simple as it sounds)

If Guitar Rig has an internal part of it (I believe called Rig Kontrol) that I can set the parameters up through (C on the keyboard = Distortion on/off toggle, D = Chorus on/off toggle , etc) am I able to just assign it then to the Guitar Rig program/channel?

it might make a lot more sense once I have Cubase in front of me and opened too.

Thanks again for the info and quick response!