using a multi button mouse with programmable buttons

I bought a logitech mouse recently so that I could program the buttons for my most used functions in Cubase. However, I am having the hardest time getting it to work. Even though I program the buttons to equal certain key commands, they just don’t jive when using it in Cubase.

Anyone else had success? Details?

Why double post? You can delete the other one still (before anyone answers it) - it won’t make you get help faster (but it might deter some users)! I’m sorry I can’t help I have no experience of using multi button mice but I’m sure someone here will! :wink:

Can it do quadruple clicking on a button? :laughing:

(Sorry, but the mix console bug is the most ridiculous issue I have ever encountered, especially since it was apparently possible to fix it without even having access to the cubase7.exe source code. Seriously, this is #steinbergfail. :laughing: )

I never double post on purpose. I use my android phone alot, and im having trouble with the Cubase forum duplicating sometimes.

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Hi I’m sorry I didn’t mean anything by it (its just sometimes users multi post when they’re panicking etc) bummer about the android malfunction (it might have become self aware)! :open_mouth: :laughing: As I say I don’t have a multi button mouse to help you out, but I’ve heard other users talk about using them. If you post which model it is (logitech XXXX) and your system specs (OS/hardware) hopefully someone using it (or something similar) will come to your rescue! :slight_smile:

I have a USB numeric keypad as well as a Shuttlexpress (not to mention cmc controllers) all of these have buttons that can be programmed with keycommands or macros. It is the function of the device to execute the intended keycommand and has nothing whatsoever to do with Cubase any more than your computers keyboard. Cubase reacts to keycommands and it doesn’t care what generates them. If it’s not working then you have a problem with your device, or perhaps aren’t programming it correctly, or haven’t loaded the device driver properly (i.e. using a generic driver) contact support for your device.

I got a logitech gaming mouse awhile back just to use the extra buttons in Cubase. It came with a utility from logitech that let me assign any keystroke to a button. So I programmed the mouse buttons to the desired Cubase key commands and it worked great. Try going into a text editor, click the buttons and verify they are outputting the characters you expect. Good luck.

FYI, I highly recommend getting a mouse with extra buttons. I set mine to easily switch between the arrow, pencil, mute, etc. and it really streamlined my editing.