Using a noise gate

Hi there…

On a drum track I recorded, the drums have noise gates alied to them… (Cubase presets)

This is a good thing for the most part. The good thing is it blocks out all unwanted noise.

The problem is that its not letting through the quiet notes. (Yes, drummers can play quiet too)…

I raised the threshold which lets the quiet nootes through, but then it lets unwanted noise in the gate…

Any tips?



-Try the internal sidechain…
-vary / automate the threshold…
-Edit by hand…
-Don´t use gates…

Yes Edit by hand.

tip: say there is leakage on your kick track the snare is on there to.

  1. hi lite your kick track
  2. using your "Split tool put a marker on each side of your snare
  3. use the "Mute tooll to silence that leakage (the snare)
  4. or turn the volume down on the snare leakage by dragging the center DOT downward

use this technique with TOM tracks also to get everything else out of them.
this is non-destructive editing. Just unmute or increase the volume on things if you want them back.

I used a similar technique with Anolog Tape
By Spot Erase this leakage, pulingl the tape out of the capstan
and hand erase it. It was a pain. :laughing: :laughing:

I Personally use Hardware Noise Gate’s but shy away
most of the time from Software Noise Gate’s.
Just my opinion don’t Hurt Me now. :laughing: :laughing:

Hope this helps.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Not supported in LE versions IIRC.

Automated muting is a valuable tool here too- kinda like using a noise gate but you have complete control over what is let throught and when.

I´m talking about the internal (filter) sidechain which is available in the gate section of almost any (if not all) Cubase own gates. I´m not talking about external sidechain.

If you must use gates then as said using the internal side chain filters is a good way of zoning the gate onto the relevant frequency for more accurate tracking, as in the good old DS201 gates.

I have also had reasonable results with detect silence when the situation demands it.

But going in and removing by hand is probably the best way as it gives you total control.