Using a Roland MC 707 as a sound module in Cubase 12 pro

I have a small DAWless setup comprising of a Roland MC 707, roland jdxi, Roland SH 201 and a Behringer Td 03. It’s great for quick jams etc but I recently got back into making music with Cubase 12 (pro). I use the 707 as my audio card and in that respect, it works great. I can also configure cubase to use the 707 as a sound source and mimic a vst, it works OK but I feel like there is much more I could do. 8 tracks on the 707 would free up more resource for vsts in Cubase. Is anyone out there using a 707 as an 8 track sound module? Are there any cubase templates available for this? Or any tips.

What do you mean free up resources for Cubase? Is your computer struggling? If you want to use the 707 sequencer tracks you just need to sync the midi clock right?