Using a touchscreen as a mix console

I recently bought a touchscreen to use with Cubase 12 on Windows 11. I’ve got my workflow set up so that my main workspace is my main monitor (non-touchscreen) where I use the mouse to do everything. I’ve put my mix console onto my touchscreen so that I can reach over and slide the faders just like on a good-old-fashioned mixing deck. Problem is, when I touch them, the mouse pointer gets moved to the touchscreen and I have to move it back to the main screen to resume work there. This sadly means that there isn’t any obvious way to use a touchscreen as a mix console. Any ideas on how to make this work as it should? I’ve tried various Windows settings and can’t find anything in Cubase itself to make this possible. Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Sorry, Cubase doesn’t support touch screens this way. And it doesn’t support multi-touch.