Using a U222 with an AKG Perception 220 mic - no sound recor

Hey guys.

As the title says, I’m trying to use an AKG Perception 220 microphone with my UR22 and when I try to record (using Audacity, with the right input selected) I get no sound. I’ve been trying to figure this out for months and I’ve got no idea what’s wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time trying to record anything properly so I’m sorry if it’s something silly.

Hi, are you turning on your phantom power for the Mic on your interface? Looks to me that the AKG Perception 220 is a large condenser which requires phantom power. Be careful, read the UR manual about the order in which you connect and power things up. You can damage the components if you do things incorrectly.

In Audacity, you have selected the correct input beside the little “Mic” icon and in the Preferences you have your audio interface/driver selected correctly also?

Good luck. Lets us know if this helps. :smiley: