Using a UR28M with a sub woofer

I have a sub woofer that I used in my home theatre. I want to set it up to my UR28M output and mix it with my other monitors in A/B/C?

How do I do this. All the 3 outputs are stereo 1/4 inch cables.


Effectively I am asking if to incorporate the sub do I need to use adapters on one of the three outputs (A/B/C each with 2x 1/4 outputs) and connect to my sub or is there another way to do this.

I know that the unit also has a coaxial S/PDIF input/output. Can I run a coaxial from this output to my sub? I then would need to mix this with the various speaker options I am using with the A/B/C outputs above as I use these of my regular monitors.

I think people need to know more about your actual hardware.

  1. Is your subwoofer active or passive?

If active, then presumably you have outputs from the subwoofer to which you can connect additional speakers. The active subwoofers themselves handle the crossover frequency (what is output to your other speakers) and also handle producing the line level output for your other speakers. This means you can physically connect your subwoofers to one other pair of speakers.

If passive, then you’re going to need an amplifier for your subwoofers. You would then need to route the same stereo out signal from your interface to both your subwoofer and you other speakers. The subwoofer output would need a (for example) high-pass filter, and the output to your other speakers would need a low-pass filter at the same frequency so as not to double up your low frequency output.

  1. When you talk about 3 pairs of stereo outs, what piece of equipment are you talking about?

Your audio interface, or your subwoofers?

My sub is powered (

My stereo outs are on my Steinberg USR28M



I’ve followed the link about your sub - it suggests your sub has all the inputs and outputs you need to connect it in series with a pair of your existing powered monitors.

Having re-read your original posts, I now think you are saying you have more than one set of monitors, and you want to use your subwoofer with a combination of other monitors. If I’m guessing correctly, then you will need to rewire your subwoofer into the same path as whatever pair of monitors you want to use. I don’t think this is a UR28m question, more a ‘using a powered subwoofer with other speakers’ question, if you see what I mean.


What I was saying was that my Steinbert interface allows me to output to three separate set of monitors (A/B/C) all requiring 1/4 inch cables (L/R for each of A/B/C). I am using powered Yamaha HS7 for Output A. All is good there. I wanted to incorporate a powered sub into output B. The sub is a Dynamic Reference sub. I have now done so by using stereo 1/4 that convert to L/R RCA cables going into the Low Level inputs on the back of my sub.

The sound is not great. Typically I feed this sub using a coaxial cable (LFE out from amp to LFE in of sub). However I only appear to be able to use the 1/4 outs on my interface and thus am using the 1/4 to RCA converters to go into the sub.

Punchline here is that it is working but the sound is not great.

Any suggestions?

Bumping this one as I’m about to face a similar situation.

So…I have a Yamaha HS80 and I’m adding a Dynaudio BM5A+BM9 Sub combo.

This is how I’m planning to set up:

Output A feeds the BM5A, which will have its HPF engaged.
Output B feeds the BM9 Sub through its LFE input, with its LPF/Phase tuned accordingly.
Output C feeds the HS80.

Since you can mute and adjust all three outputs independently using alternate mode, I think it will be quite a breeze to work with: A+B turned on will give me the Dynaudio combo, with independent levels for the BM5As and the BM9 sub. Turn both off and engage output C when checking the HS80. Seems like a very sweet setup.

Am I thinking straight? Not going totally crazy? Feedback appreciated!

Now a small request: it would be great if UR’s software could do the lowcut on the outputs, so I could turn it on/off if I wanted the BM5As at fullrange or low-cutted to work with the sub…I remember having this function on my good old Delta 1010. SB, please consider implementing that since it’s so simple.


Found a flaw in my plan: BM9S’ LPF doesn’t work with it’s LFE input…which makes my small request a big one.