Using a Zoom H4n as an I/F with Cubase LE 5

I’m at the end of my rope… :angry:

I bought a Zoom H4n recorder with Cubase LE 5. I installed Cubase on my computer, installed the ASIO driver for my H4n, updated the firmware on the H4n, and did a whole lot of other tests but I’m still having problems. When I plug the Zoom into the computer and go to ‘Device Setup’ and select the Zoom H4n driver it woks fine but it still shows the input and output ports ‘Inactive’. I’ve installed everything in a different computer, but it still does the same thing. I also tried each of the USB ports on my computer but haven’t had any success.

The In- / outputs in Devices -> device setup show “inactive” as long as they are not connected to a bus in VST connections. So Read the manual, and configure your connections properly…

I have a similar problem, but I believe I’ve read the instructions and configured the connections - my VST connections dialogue box shows HD Audio Mic Input 1 and 2 on consecutive lines (they have showed other things but that’s today’s offering and I’ve installed, uninstalled, reinstalled several times). The difficulty starts when I try to import audio. I go to File, Import but only MIDI is available, the Audio and Video options are greyed out. Can anyone tell me why and what I need to do to correct this?

My Zoom H4n does not show the USB setting on the menu page but it does go to Storage and USB I/F. Does anyone else have (or not have) this feature?

Any help most gratefully received.


Trash Prefs. If no, re-install Cubase.

You need to create a project first (File->new project).
Open the manuals and read them. It´s really all explained in there :neutral_face:

I have read the installation/setup parts of both Cubase and Zoom manuals ad nauseum to no avail and have spent several hours unable to get the audio files off the Zoom and onto my PC. I’ve downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver, configured the VST connections, set up the input/output ports (which, because I’m using a driver different from that stated in the manual don’t match the examples given) according to the on-line manual and the sheet accompanying the software, opened and saved a new project and still cannot import audio and have no idea what else to do. I can’t even progress with the ‘what to do when you first open Cubase’ advice as when I try to import an audio file this area is still greyed out.

What is it that I’m missing?

You are opening a project or starting a new one and adding an audio track before you try to import, right? Add ing an audio track isn’t necessary, just figured I’d take it out of the equation. You aren’t trying to import from the blank Cubase desktop, right?

Yes, opening project or starting a new one, adding track or going directly to File, Import Audio. This eventually links me to iTunes where my recordings are supposedly stored but I seem to be able to access only one file and I have seven recordings. I found a video from Samsontech on YouTube which demonstrated how to import files as well but when that instructs me to drag the stereo files to Folder 1 on the H4n I get a message ‘Source and destination files are the same’.

After going backwards and forwards for the better part of a week I am now completely confused.

Still having problems. I’ve upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 to see if that helps (barely) but now I’m getting different error messages:

1 Impossible to record audio because the Audio input is not active. OPen the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Setup dialog. Make sure that a device is selected in the Input Port section and that its check box is activated.

did that, then

2 VST connections need to close because of too many receive errors!

This was when the Zoom finally linked to my laptop.

Any ideas as to what I’m still doing wrong?

Hopeful thanks.

You’re using the wrong ASIO driver.

I’m using the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver at present - what should I be using please?

From the Cubase LE 5 manual :unamused:

I have tried the general low latency driver, the Duplex driver, the ASIO4All driver as well as the basic Zoom driver.

I do not find your :unamused: at all helpful.

You are trying to import files recorded on the H4 into Cubase, is this correct?

Look at page 35 of the H4 manual, it says you need to set the H4 to be used as a SD card reader (not as an Audio Interface).

Try that, then use the Import files in cubase to navigate to the H4ns SD card.


Cubase does not recognize the H4N inputs when I create 2 mono input busses.
Any ideas?

Select correct driver…