Using Ableton Push with Cubase?

as the title suggests i’d like to know if it is possible to use push with cubase and if so how to set it up? I don’t want to run Ableton as slave (computer is not good enough to run 2 DAW’s) and Push is Midi assignable in user mode but can’t figure out how to set it up as a midi controller within Cubase.
any help would be much appreciated

Device Setup>Generic Remote.


Wow, only 2 years after the fact :sunglasses:

Here is a quick video I made on how to use Push 2 with Cubase

This is a great initiative from Silence and Sound developers. Having Push fully working with different DAWs is a features that I having been waiting for a long time. Especially after find out the Push does not operate on slave mode.

I will definitely support them so they can bring up all PUSH’s features to Cubase Pro or give an idea to Steinberg developers to create something similar as Ableton Push to Steinberg products.

Thanks for sharing.