Using Acid Music Plugins in Cubase 5, like with Cubase LE?

Hi everyone,

In Cubase LE, it is possible to use all the Sony Acid Music 4.0 plugins that are part of Sony(formerly sonic foundry) Acid music 4.0 program. In Cubase LE, the Acid-4.0 plugins are located in the plugin menu under a tab that says “DirectX”.

Now I am wondering if this can be done with Cubase 5 and Acid Music 7.0? Does anyone know about this?

I tried installing Microsoft’s DirectX 11 for windows 7, but it said that I already have it installed.

If it is installed, then why am I not seeing Sony’s Acid 7.0 plugins under a tab that says “DirectX” like with Cubase LE and Acid 4.0 on Windows XP?

I like using both these programs(Acid Music and Cubase) and Acid has some awesome plugins that are a part of the Acid Music program and I liked when I could use them in Cubase LE.

Does anyone have a solution for me?

thanks :slight_smile:

  • Josh

I think in Cubase SX3 direct-X support was dropped, so if you want to use direct-x plugins you need a direct-x VST plugin wrapper. check out this article.

I personally would advise against using such old plugins architecture as I believe in all these years the plugin quality (VST) has been continue been evolving.

Thanks for your response,

I think I will take your advice and not use this method,
but I really wish Cubase would start supporting DirectX again.