Using ADR Taker - multiple cues in one take??


I’m new to using the ADR taker, up until recently I’ve made do with cobbling together 3 beeps - copy and paste where necessary :slight_smile: and give the actor a paper script. I’ve now got some clients who have made it pretty clear I need something a little more fit for purpose :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m trying to learn the ADR taker in Nuendo 6 and don’t seem to be able to figure something out.
If i set up a marker with the dialogue and a swipe that is fine for one line at a time, I see a swipe to cue in the actor and then the dialogue appears on the screen for him/her to read. But when the director tells me that he want to run 4-5 lines back to back or ‘lets see how far he gets, then stop’ is there a way of not working one line at a time?

Let me see if i can explain what I mean…So after the first line is recorded, when the cursor approaches the next marker a new swipe begins, then the next line of dialogue pops up on the screen as the cursor passes the marker? And that would happen for every new cue.

At the moment I can get it to record over all the different cues but not have a new swipe or counter as the next cue approaches and the dialogue will only display the lines from the first cue, not each new line as it reaches the next marker…does that make sense and am I just missing something obvious or is it not possible?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,



I know exactly what you mean.
We need a function that allows us to have an “open ending” recording.
And/or the ability to merge a few markers.

I know they are working on improvements, but unfortunately can’t share any deatils.


That’s a real shame, I was hoping I’d just missed something.
Have you tried any 3rd party cueing solutions?
It’s a new addition so I imagine it’ll improve, but need something in the meantime :slight_smile:

We use MTC Videoslave a good deal of the time.


Absolutely necessary. This would be soooooo nice feature to have.
It would best be implemented IMO if cycle records in and out points and cycle markers in and out points could be separated. This way you could loop longer parts with swipes on every cycle marker inside the chosen part and also have dialog lines follows as intended. Perfect!

Bye / Tumppi

Thanks for that, does mtc videoslave allow you to add swipes and dialogue onscreen to cue in the actor and allow them to read their lines onscreen?

No, it’s only wipes.
For onscreen dialogue we use something completely different.


I need a similar function when the actor wants to continue the take, but do wilds. The only way I can figure out is to set the Post-roll time as high as it will go, which isn’t long enough for some takes. I want the ability to defeat the take from stopping. I tried turning off pre/post-roll in Transport during the take, but it still stopped. This may be a deal killer for me - I have multiple ADR sessions coming up in the next few months with an actor that does a ton of wilds. Any thoughts?

Not for the moment.
I can only say that improvements will come within the next version.


THanks Fredo, didn’t know if I was missing something. The ADR tool is still great nonetheless. I’ve assigned the rehearse, record, review, and mute buttons to my CC121 to make life even easier.

Another thing that would be extremely helpful for me:
Loop recording with swipes on every loop, not just before the first loop.

Yes, absolutely!

Bye / Tumppi


Many folks here in Los Angeles use Streamers from Figure53, mac only. Works well, reasonably flexible. Not cheap.

I agree! An option to stay rolling but still get the swipes would be great.