Using Amplitube 3 Plug-in in Cubase LE 5

Hi all. I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to audio software. I have recently installed and registered Cubase LE 5.

I had Amplitube 3 (guitar amp modelling software) already on the computer and always opened it in standalone mode (it has both standalone and plug-in mode according to the website). Now I want to use it as a plug-in through Cubase… so I open Cubase, create a new ‘instrument track’ as I believe I am supposed to and then go to ‘inserts’ but Amplitube doesn’t show up among the other such inserts as ‘Delay - PingPongDelay’ and all the ‘Distortion’, ‘Dynamics’, ‘Modulation’ etc.

According to other websites, Amplitube 3 should appear in that list if it is installed. Can anybody help me get this plug-in working? Thanks.

When you installed Amplitude did it have options to only install the Stand Alone version and or the Plug In?

Did you upgrade from a previous version of Cubase?

Have you tried to update the plugin list or point the plugin directory to the old plugin folder (if you had one?)

Turns out the amplitube plug-in installed to a completely different directory. Either way, I found it :slight_smile:

But now Cubase doesn’t seem to recognise my input… I am sure I have set things up correctly in ‘device setup’ and I have a stereo in and out in the buses section. My driver is my Tascam interface driver too.

Cubase detects my guitar’s activity down the bottom when I play, but nothing is recorded when I press record on an instrument track. The track also has my interface selected as the input.

You want to add a mono input in your VST Connections and select that as your audio track input.

Enable “record” and “monitor” to hear yourself while recording. Disable both for playback.

All up and working perfectly. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Good to hear! I love me some AmpliTube! Nothing like being able to rock out in the middle of the night without disturbing the surroundings :slight_smile: .