Using an amp sim in c8?


I have a Kemper and have used it for a long time in cubase, i had an fractal before that so i am used to just plugging in and recording to a track

I wanted to try Scuffham S Gear amp sim. i dont use software amp sims so i am not sure i am doing this right but i am having issues

i create an audio track in cubase
insert Scuffham on the first insert
buffers are 128
i get no sound unless i hit the monitor button on the thrack
when i hit the monitor button though its latent and it sounds phasey

what is the proper way to use these with no latency and getting the real sound?


If you want to use amp plugins with cubase monitoring without latency, you need a powerful system. Don’t use any other plugins in your chain, because they can have additional latency. Try the cubase VST amp rack instead of the scumham and check of it works better. Maybe you have to change your buffer size to 64 if your system permits.

Hi Thanks

I have an Imac quad i7 32 gigs ram running a 1TB SSD, i run an apogee symphony thunderbolt and can go to 32 buffers if needed when recording

is the only way to get sound by using the monitor button? that button alway makes things sound weird.


Your system is definitely powerful enough to do what you want. Change the buffer as suggested. And yes, you must activate the “monitor” function to hear what you are recording on a audio track.

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If it sounds weird it is probably because you are monitoring both the direct signal and the signal after the plugin.

The monitor button is the only way, to hear the complete cubase input chain. If you hear weird sounds, check the clean signal without the scuffham plugin first. Check the input level and adjust it to no clipping. Then switch on and adjust the plugin sound. If it still sounds weird, compare it to the Cubase VST Amp Rack.

I use Scuffham. I use it as an insert in my input channel (not on the audio track). If you open your mixer you will have a choice of the kind of channels to be shown. Tick for Input channels, open the channel to which the guitar is connected and insert Schuffham.

What is recorded is what you get. It is like recording audio from a real amplifier. Thus you need to decide which sound you’ll want. I have saved the setup as a template.

I use amplitube 3 and I notice latency if I have plugins on the main bus… Disable them if you are running any to see if that helps

Just a thought


thanks for all the help! I will try it on the input channel, i never thought of that and i understand it will print the sound

the monitor button for me always makes things sound a little phasey and latent, not just with this

but i will try it on the input now!

pretty nice piece of software to, going to try Bias desktop i think it is as well.

thanks all

Why not use the fx only for monitoring and record the dry signal and add fx later.
This way you have opportunities to experiment or tweak the sound over and over again until satisfied.

Otherwise explore the possibility to record you guitar into two tracks simultanious one dry, the other with fx.

For the phasey sound check your control room settings if using, I had it a while when I had my main mixer out send out to stereo out (scard) and the control room out also, result was that my monitors got double signals --> phase problems.

This might be imagination but: The weak spot of amp/stomp simulators are bends. Scuffham is the best I found to handle this (I also have Guitar Rig and Amplitube and some more obscure simulators), however not all pre-sets in Scuffham seem to handle this with elegance (even less in the two other mentioned). The “imagination” (perhaps) is that it handles “live” bends better than FX on a pre-recorded (clean) bend. However I do see no logical explanation for this.

I can see that adding an amp sim after you have recorded might be a flexible additional mixing option, but I think you need to play the sound live. The way I play the guitar varies according to the amp tone. I think electric guitar is shorthand for electric guitar plus amplifier/sound generator - there’s a huge amount of biofeedback between what your fingers do and what you hear whilst playing.

I’ve also recently bought Scuffham S-Gear and it seems very impressive.


+1 to that. Guess that was the logical explanation I missed.

Yes I get it, in my experience I always felt that doing the mix (modeling the guitar sound afterwards) something was missing, so we can speak of dynamic effects, where the playing influencing/shaping the sound. I guess that’s what you mean with bending? (I’m no guitarist by the way)