Using an old Roland PG-1000 in Cubase

Hi there,

I own a PG-1000 midi controller that I´d like to use to control various parameters across Cubase. Well, In case this is not complete rocket science :slight_smile: Could someone point me to a good turorial or ressources how to do that ? I mostly find videos on the integration of mixers. I´d probabely need something that really starts from scratch, like correctly plugin in midi cables into my audio interface. :laughing: I´d like to use it to control the faders of the mixer as well as vst parameters. Any help is much appreciated.

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They were designed only to work with the Roland synths…There were some replacement chips around that allowed you to use it this way but they are are not available anymore as far as I can see.


If you want to control VST parameters, I would recommend you to focus on Quick Controls in Cubase. There are also tuotiral videos on the official Steinberg YouTube channel, about this.

And if you want to control a Mixer parameters, then I would recommend you to use Generic Remote Device. There is also lots of posts about it here, on the forum, same as in the Operation Manual.

Yes, this is very good point. I was also thinking, what kind of data does it really send.

Actually I have found a link to the instructions but it’s 140 pages of circuit modification and eprom coding. :open_mouth:

Looks like it´s a bit to much work for my needs. I thought it might be easy to setup within Cubase, like plug it in and assign some midi channels. I primary used the PG1000 for my d550. But I´m using it rarely so I thought maybe I could use it as controller. Well for VST parameters I also can use my Midi keyboard. But I´d like to control
the Mixer with an external device. I´m currently looking through DAW controller on various websites. Can you recommend one that is easy to setup in cubase. doesn´t need to be something special. 8 channels up to 300eur ?
A question, those controller with 8 channels. can you double assign them so that you can control more than 8 Mixer channels ?

Yes the 8 channel fader units will bank through all of your channels either in banks of 8 or 1 channel at a time.

A controller that doesn’t have motorised faders is very limiting for mixer control and at your budget the only motorised option I know of is the icon icontrol pro.

See if you can find an old uc33e on ebay as they can be set up easily to send midi via 5 pin din or usb.