using ARIA/Garritan Personal Orchestra

I’ve read some threads (sort-of) relating to this, but I can’t say I really understood them too well
is there a (relatively) simple way of using ARIA and GPO in Dorico at this point or is it something one should better wait for to be implemented later?
(it works just fine in Cubase and Finale …)

You could try reading this thread. Whether or not you think this is relatively simple is really up to you!

well … that’s the thread I was referring to. I’ve tried this, but doesn’t seem to work, although I probably didn’t put all the right things into the right places.
is there anyone who could specifically delineate the process, including where these files can be found exactly (WIN8.1) and what should be changed or added in them?

I’ve made that thread this day for Mac OSX. There is another thread where you can find some Windows information, Daniel referred to at the beginning.

thanks, but that doesn’t seem to work. I can not get to show ARIA / GPO in the VST category.
Not sure if this has something to do with it, but they are VST3 as far as I understand it … (so why all these adjustments in vst2 plug-ins and defaults?)

ARIA is, AFAIK, only VST2. On my system at least, it’s acknowledged by Dorico (whereas Play5 and Kontakt5.6.1 are not)

yes, guess it is. I’ve followed all the steps, which are also described in a Steinberg knowledge base article, by the way, but still nothing.
Is this indeed the correct GUID number for ARIA?
added this, as sugggested, in the whitelist file and the default file
also copied any ARIA and GPO .dll files I could find into all the various VST folders in Dorico
If Dorico can recognize Kontakt, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for ARIA …