Using Arranger Track, how do you mixdown repeats?

This may seem a stupid question to those of you who use the arranger track a lot, but I am new to it.

If I set up my arranger track and it plays correctly, doing repeats of my LAST two bar section, I discover that when I go to mix this down, aligning my overall start and finish markers, the song stops with only one play through, no repeats of the last section. I mixed down in real time which seemed logical. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Also, going back to the project, if I add a repeat of an earlier section, it will send this out for mixdown - the repeated middle section - but when it finishes the repeated section it will continue recording for another section or so and then the mixdown process stops, not finishing the song at the finish marker. What is the deal here please?

AFAIK, You need to flatten it before export as explained in the manual.

Hey thanks, that does work. Too bad is also deletes any other part of the song that is not under the start and finish markers! That was a surprise! :open_mouth: But it’s fine as I saved the original project. Flattening also removed the Arrranger Track but I suppose that is parr, too, since I have circumvented it’s purpose. Interesting.

By the way, the word ‘flattening’ is an interesting choice. Am I to assume I should see a repeated section as a ‘stack’ of sections and then when I ‘flatten’ it, it lays the section end to end? Hm, perhaps this is the meaning. Um, I am very hungry for some pancakes all of a sudden…

Like I said, this is new to me and I thank you for the heads up, thinkingcap! You Rock!