Using ASIO driver with multiple programs simultaneously?

Hello All,

I am new to the forums. Posting here in hopes of finding help with an issue I’m having. I am trying to see if its possible to use the YAMAHA ASIO usb driver with two different applications at the same time. I am using my DAW (mixcraft 8) with a midi keyboard, and the only way to get low enough latency with MIDI input is to use the ASIO driver. This works well, however I also need to use my guitar amp emulation software in stand-alone mode (Guitar Rig 5) at the same time, and this application also needs to use the ASIO driver for low-latency monitoring. Guitar RIg 5 does include a “shared-mode”, but the latency is 30 ms which is not acceptable, compared to 5ms using the Yamaha ASIO driver. I did some research and found that Steinberg release did release an ASIO multi-client server back in like 2010, I attempted to use that but it did not recognize either of the programs I was attempting to use… does anyone know an acceptable work-around for this problem? Basically I need to monitor two different instruments at the same time with as low latency as possible. Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom

I’m afraid your limitiation is within your DAW.

The users on this forum are Cubase users so I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place. My advice is - Contact the support team from Mixcraft and ask them for help.

Is CUBASE capable of ASIO-sharing? I was posting here because I thought it might have something to do with the YAMAHA ASIO driver that came with my STEINBERG UR-RT2. Also I was wondering if anyone used the steinberg ASIO multi-client with any success? Or if they plan on releasing an updated version?

Nope! Cubase can only use one active Asio device at a time.

If that is the same driver that is used by the UR 44 (which I think it is), then no, it is not multiclient-ASIO capable.

Hi there.

What i use to use multiple programs in cubase is synchronous audio router ( SAR ) its free .
And for my piano to route to other programs is use LoopMidi also free.

This way i use all programs true the DAW.

I Think if you use the ASIO driver for Your card with Cubase, then those drivers are locked and can’t be used at the same time with another program, not simultaneously… Think I tried that myself sometime and then realized how this works… I might be wrong though…


if your audio card is asio multiclient and have multi out you can open different audio programs plugged on the same audio card let say Cubase 1/2 out kontakt standalone 3/4 out etc.….

I use this with my UAD Twin, I run Cubase and Komplete Kontrol standalone and Roli Studio Standalone too at the same time….