Using Audio Parts in Cubase / Nuendo... What for?

In 30 years of Cubasing I’ve never used the Parts option.
Events to Parts? What are the unique benefits?
Just curious. Give me a revelation.

Audio Parts are one of the most unique and stand-out features of cubase.

First, I’ll point out that all midi data is traditionally contained in Parts. So why not audio data?

If all you’re doing is recording tracks and then mixing with mixer automation, then you probably don’t understand the potential of Parts. And probably don’t really need to. But if you do complex editing Parts are an amazing organizational tool.

The most valuable feature for me has been the ability to spontaneously edit any group of audio data from different tracks on the arrangement, full screen right next to each other then go back to the arrange window with one click. For example, you can highlight one Part from Track1 Shift/click another part on Track 20, (or multiple parts) Open the Part editor and you’re looking at those events, full screen directly next to each other. Then command W to close the editor and you’re back on the arrange page. If you have two monitors even better. Open the Part editor on a separate screen.

Being able to contain complex sections of edits for dynamic events, copying, color coding, renaming, resizing to truncate a group of events non-destructively, etc etc etc.

Once you get used to all the potential Parts has to offer you’ll wonder how you ever worked without them. Unless, like i said you just record tracks and use mixer automation.

My 2c


I didn’t know the Part Editor could be used to view distant track events. That’s interesting.
I’m on 3 monitors so that’s perfectly do-able.
I see the advantage of containing a mass of cut & edited events in a part for easy manipulation, but I tend to be decisive a render complex chains of events (I know, I’m crazy).
I see a midi part as just being like an event.

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Yes! I use Parts to group events in very big projects. This means I can edit specific audio events at the same time in this separate part editor with just one click to open all parts events.
For example, track 5 (middle position of a song) is grouped with track 138 and track 322 (end position) etc. I often use parts because of clarity. (visibility management is cool too)

Parts are also great for working with very short audio samples:
in a full arrange view these small event snippets are hardly or not visible. A longer part helps a lot.
I also like to group many audio event snippets in one track as one part. You can lock and group events, but it’s a great alternative. Also ideal for voice over editing, long audio books etc.

There is an extra play function in the part editor, only selected events are played immediately, among other things.

Big parts fan :wink:


yum yum!

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While I do occasionally use Audio Parts, it’s always been for grouping Audio edits close to each other on the same Track. Never realized they could span Tracks.

Great tip, thanks

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Parts can also be used when your audio event is on an “odd” position and the Snap point won’t do. Create a part around the event and put the part’s borders on bars or beats.

It is also good for visually binding events together that belong together. Often you cannot glue events together. If you don’t want to bounce the events and therefore create new files you can just put them in the same part.

And last but not least - if you want to add some silence before or after the event you can put it in a part, adjust the part borders and then bounce the selection.