Using audio speakers as props/costume elements for live performance

I’m toying with the idea of using audio speakers as performance props, perhaps incorporated into costumes. I’m trying to figure out what things would need to be taken into account to do this.

Assume there is a speaker in the palm of each hand. Each playing mono audio. The performer can move their hands closer & further from a mic to control the levels.

The first consideration is just the physical constraints. You wouldn’t want the speakers to be very heavy or large. Yet fidelity tends to go big & heavy. Also is it better/easier to attach them somehow (gloves?) vs. just holding them?

Another concern is around frequency response. The stage mics most likely will have some proximity effect to deal with.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Speakers with no housings around tend to sound thin.
The housing will improve the low frequency range.

Maybe you can use some old headphones instead?
Or print out (3d printing?) a housing for the speakers that improves sound and fits to the hands of the actors.

Try the so-called “bluetooth shower speakers” … small, waterproof, battery-powered, cheap and have enclosures that fit in the hand. Expect little below 300Hz though …

Of course they get real thin with any distance. But I guess you could hang some clothes on some headphones, put the cups over the mic and call them the band.

That’s intriguing.

Love this idea. How about this?

amazon link above

At 15 bucks that was a no-brainer. Also my first ever prime day purchase - which in my experience has always been long lists of things I don’t really want at good prices.

Thanks for the link

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