Using AUWrapper

I’m trying to use AUWrapper for my VST3 plug-in. I’m trying to follow these guidelines:
Log In - Steinberg Developer Help,

but the section
** edit the target settings of the project and change*

    • Product Name*
    • Library search path so that it points to the directory where libauwrapper.a exists*
    • architecture setting so that it only includes architectures that the VST 3 plug-in supports*
      ** search in the project for AUWRAPPER_CHANGE and change the settings to your needs, especially in:*
    • edit audiounitconfig.h, see comments there*
    • edit Info.plist, see comments there*
      ** edit the “Make Links Script” for easier debugging/development*

baffles me! I assume the Product Name is set in Xcode (I called it myvst3wrap). Then I need to set a path to ‘libauwrapper.a’, but I can’t find that file! Next I need to search “in the project” (?) for AUWRAPPER_CHANGE. The only document that has that text is ‘audiounitconfig.h’, but again no idea what to change! Same goes for ‘info.plist’. Lastly I need to edit the “Make Links Script”, but again this “script” is nowhere to find! I hope someone help me out or point me to some kind of tutorial, YT video or whatever, that can make things more clear to me. TIA!

The AUWrapper is broken. I also had posted about issues with it in this forum in several threads and received no/no useful reply from Steinberg.
The whole VST3 SDK is a mess and fails compiling in many places. That’s why I changed to JUCE recently