Using Bass manager plug in in the Control Room

I am trying to use the bass manager plug in a effectively as possible to get bass management under control while mixing. I am using the built in Nuendo Control Room section as my monitor matrix.
My speaker are all hooked directly into my Rme Fireface 800 audio interface. I have my main speaker pair hoked to output 1/2, my secondary monitor pair to output 3/4, and my sub to output 5 of the audio interface.
I am looking for a simple 2.1 set up (stereo pair with a sub).
I am using a LRC+lfe routing configuration to get the correct assignments to the interface outputs. In the VST connections outputs I have also created a stereo out put child buss to route to stereo outs directly so that I can monitor just stereo or stereo with bass managed subwoofer for my two speaker configurations in the control room. So this is, Speaker A stereo, Speaker B stereo, Speaker A w/sub, Speaker B w/sub each assigned to their own monitor preset switch.
The problem is when I go to export a file the only audio file channel configuration I can export is an LRC+Lfe file, which is a four channel file. I need a simple stereo file mixed out not a four channel one. This is very problematic.

I feel that I have somehow over-complicated this as I am looking for is a way to do a straight up 2.1 monitor set up using the built in Control Room features and without having to use an external hardware monitor matrix.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else solved this?

Thanks in advance,


I think you should separate things according to function, in your head at least. So Control Room in a sense sits ‘next to’ all of the mixer functions, and the outputs tab in the setup actually somewhat possibly overlaps.

The way I have my system set up is to route all tracks to groups, and those groups will be categorized according to “food groups”, i.e. dialog, adr, music, source music, hard fx, ambience etc. For deliverables though I send all of those subgroups to a set of output channels, but those output channels do NOT get physical outputs.

This way, conceptually, the output channels are things that I almost never touch. And I also use the output channels as sources to export from. I have my Full Mix bus (output), Mix Minus Narration, M&E, SFX, MUSIC etc… I select those when I do my export audio mixdown, and I also select those as inputs to tracks if I need to punch into a stem or something.

Now, Control Room for me sits “separately”. It gets the physical outputs and I’ve set it up so that I can easily switch sources feeding it (which in my case is definitely the Full Mix output, but also a dedicated DLG EDIT group that routes straight to my center speaker for true mono dialog editing…), but I can also easily switch the monitor setup. In my case I switch between a 5.1 output with bass monitoring etc, a 2.0 output, and a digital out to a headphone amp/crap speakers.

So, in other words, you don’t need to tie your mixer to your Control Room. Think of them as two separate pieces of equipment/software, where the CR can ‘tap’ the mixer for a signal if you want, and then also sent to different physical outputs. Each output configuration can have it’s own setup with inserts etc.

Did that help?

Or did I make things worse now…?