Using Bluetooth headphones with Dorico

So, I was wondering if Dorico had a setting you could change if you were using bluetooth headphones with it. I connected a pair to my computer, and it works on my computer, but not on Dorico. If it is possible, how would I be able to use Bluetooth headphones with Dorico.

There are quite a few threads on the forum discussing this, some quite recent. Google “Dorico Bluetooth.”

Read this two year old thread for starters:

If you’re on Mac then your question has already been answered, you just need to read some of the many threads that address the issue:

If you’re on Windows then you really need to say so, as Windows Bluetooth headphone problems seem to be pretty rare.

I am on Windows

I am on windows, and the threads seem to be stating that I have to create a device, however, the device does not show up on setup. What do I do?

This is what I see when I do device set up

When I click on the device, I am unable to see my bluetooth headphones. What could I be doing wrong. The topic I was reffered to was not helpful, because it showed a screenshot in which the device was recognized.
I am using blackweb bluetooth headphones

By the way, all of these topics talked about creating an aggregated device, how would I do that?

Aggregate devices are a macOS concept rather than a Windows one. Normally on Windows you would just see the name of the device in the Edit > Device Setup dialog.

You need ASIO drivers. By default Bluetooth would not have them. Have you tried installing ASIO2All? Bluetooth latency on Windows tends to be high. You may not get good results.

If the Buetooth device is paired and connected, it should normally turn up in the list of audio ports (in that dialog that you showed in the screenshot).
As already suggested, try the free ASIO4All driver ( instead and see if that does work for you.

Okay, I tried it, but I have NotePerformer, and it keeps on telling me “Sample rates below 44100 are not supported, please select a higher sampling rate”. When I sellect ASIO4All, it for some reason does not play back through the bluetooth headphones no matter what I try doing. Altering the sample rate does not work, because it will always pick a lower sample rate. Now, the result of my attempt, is that nothing plays back from Dorico at all, even when I select general low latency driver (Dorico’s default).

If nothing plays anymore at all, go to Edit > Device Setup, in there change to a different sample rate, wait 2 secs and switch back to the old one, then it should do again.

Regarding the Bluetooth device, what is the spec of it? Does it not support 44.1kHz output?
Also, does it have a built-in microphone? Those microphones are mostly only for telephone calls and therefore usually have only very low sample rates, such as 8 or 16kHz.
Try to deselect the input port in the driver panel, because the Dorico audio engine can only have one sample rate and that is the lowest supported sample rate of both, input and output.

My headphones do have a built in microphone

I haven’t used Bluetooth headsets with Dorico on Windows for a long time. I will check again on Monday when I’m back to the office.
Up till now we mainly had only Bluetooth trouble reports on Mac, on Windows it seemed to run flawlessly (or Windows users do not use Bluetooth…)