Using bookmarks in this forum logs you out...

What’s up with replying and posting on this forum? I just made several attempts to reply to a thread and got a blank page… Happened again after I remembered to log in, and on the first attempt to post this thread. 2nd attempt successful.

I’m using Safari 5.0.2 on MBP…

OK, I’ve worked out what’s happening here. I have bookmarked the Cubase (and Nuendo) forums, both of which I can log onto. However, as we know, the automatic/stay logged on function doesn’t work, so I have to log on for each use. If I then go back to the forum using the bookmark, I am still barred from making posts. I have to go through the routine of navigating back to the forum from the log in page.

Needs fixing… Is it only with Safari or is everyone getting this?

Yep, same here… I’m on FireFox 3.6.13 on XP

Similar problems with Mac OS Chrome.

Part (probably all) of the problem seems to be that PHP on this sever seems to be configured to not use cookies (or otherwise misconfigured) and instead puts the session ID in the URL (the sid=xxxxxxxxxxx you see) which is a problem…

If a link you click happens to not have that session ID in the URL, or you come here, login, but then hit a bookmark that has an old session ID in it, your session gets lost and you appear logged out. Or say you come here and want to reply to a thread and open the login page in a new browser tab. You get a new session ID when you login, but then you switch back to your original tab which still has the old session ID in all of its URLs, hit Reply, and get nothing because that session ID isn’t logged in.

Until they fix it, do everything through a single browser window/tab until you’ve successfully logged in, and don’t use the Back button to return to a page you visited prior to logging in. Also don’t hit any bookmarks to this site once you’ve logged in, as your bookmarks will have an old and wrong session ID in them and you’ll effectively get logged out again.

I suppose it’s hoping for too much for a comment from Steinberg about this? Is it on a bugbase list?

That’s about the best explanation I’ve read yet.

This seems to have been fixed. Thanks!